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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi ,

I just sent a fax to Chattisgarh CM, Raman Singh asking them to free activists Ramesh Agarwal and Dr. Harihar Patel.

Please read the mail below and take action.


Dear ,

Stand up against coal and they put you in jail! Activist Ramesh Agrawal and Dr. Harihar Patel were arrested and Mr. Agrawal was even inhumanly chained to his hospital bed for exposing an environmental violation in Chattisgarh.[1]

Click here to ask CM Raman Singh to free activists Ramesh Agrawal and Dr. Harihar Patel
Mr. Agrawal and Dr. Patel exposed irregularities in the environmental clearance process for a coal fired thermal power plant being built by the Jindal group in Raigarh.[2] In return, they have been arrested on false charges. Their first two appeals for bail have been denied. A third bail plea will be heard at the Chattisgarh high court this week.

This is a struggle to save our environment from permanent damage. We need to act fast to help free Mr. Agrawal and Dr. Patel.The Chattisgarh Chief Minister, Raman Singh needs to know that people across the country support brave activists like Ramesh Agrawal and Harihar Patel.

You should sign this fax asking Chattisgarh CM to free the brave activists and investigate those responsible for the false charges against them.

The fax says 'Mr. Chief Minister, respect public opinion - release the activists and investigate those responsible for the false charges against them.'

Your signature will be faxed to the CM's office. People across the country and even outside it have been demanding their release. Lots and lots of faxes flooding the CM's office will help add more strength to this demand. It will help put pressure on the authorities to take action.

Even as Mr Agrawal and Dr. Patel languish in prison our government is looking at ways to fast track private coal mining projects in dense forest areas. A Group of Ministers entrusted with the task of choosing between the last remaining forests of central and eastern India and coal,[3] will meet next month to discuss this.

There are renewable energy [4] and energy efficiency measures can help meet our needs. Instead of looking at the alternatives the government is trying to gag those who are trying to stand up against coal, to save our environment and forests. Speak up now! Ask CM Raman Singh to free activists Ramesh Agrawal and Dr Harihar Patel.

Thanks a billion!

Preethi Herman,
Climate and Energy Campaigner,
Greenpeace India.


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2. Arrest of an activist raises uncomfortable questions, Times of India, June 4, 3 2011

3. Coal GoM to fast-track 8 projects, big firms to gain, Business Standard, June 10, 2011

4. Renewable energy can power the world, says landmark IPCC study, Guardian, May 9, 2011

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இந்த பதிவு பலருக்கு சென்றடைய விரும்பினால், தங்கள் வாக்கை பதிவுசெய்யுங்கள்.