Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its Time to Wake Up!!

Dear Friends,

feel this is a important period for you gentle men to understand the politics and show your interest beyond Cinema!!! If we refuse to come out of our small boundaries, we cannot be a real men.

Many medias in TN are trying to blackout some news and almost all news medias are biased!! Particularly, TV news absolutely stupid. Every Major political party is having a TV and they are say so good about themselves in their own NEWS. And the pathetic thing here is we guys listen to NEWS in a TV which shows mesmerizing commercial programs like Dance competitions and many other competitions... So, we are in a illusion that everything goes fine around us. We stop our responsibility just in the limit of criticizing politicians and what so ever that concerns.. We never go to poll booths and never no who is good one to be elected..

Our criticizing sense had grown so large that, even when some one dies, we stop thinking by simply condemning his act as stupidity. Our ability for understanding some facts have shrunken too low. I'm really worried if this continues may be our young generations loses the feel towards humanity and live like an animal that never bothers if some other animal dies except Crows and elephants..

We people in the name of peace forget what is Freedom. We forget our freedom to speech, freedom to express and so on.. I wonder if any one can express their thoughts freely against politicians in this independent country?? Do you think this is possible?! I guess NO! we are afraid of speaking anything beyond cinema and some sports.. Because by electing wrong leaders over and over we have surrendered our freedom to them. Now they are feeding us with all sorts entertainment on TV inside your home making you feel like everything is cool around us. They even produce Cinemas that kills our culture and spoils the youths thinking ability. In all this ways we pay for them, we work our ass off to feed these anti-social elements.

Now there is something that overwhelmingly attracts the people "FREE FREE FREE". We are finally free people!! We want something for free always, they give TV as free to make you surrender before it and devote your quality time on the programs sponsored, again by the people who gave you the TV through their own cable networks! We can have FREE pongal too. I get to remember a small story of a parrot and astrologer. the story is this.. "A parrot was captured and seiged by an astrologer when it is young, he cut her fethers and feed one peanet, in return the parrot should pick one card for his customers. Initially the parrot was sad that she could not fly freely on the skies. But later on, she grows doing the same duty to the astrologer. Despite, her fethers grown again fully, she never flew away just because for the peanet that she gets for free. She was afraid to fly and search for food. And she dies in the cage for her whole life".

I'm seeing students from western countries are interested towards international humanitarian situations and they are protesting against such genocides in their own country / they support such protests. But remember our students enthusiasm in such things. I don't blame students because they are completely diverted to a illustrative environment by medias.

Its time for us to look at ourselves and start learning quality NEWS and listen to political leaders and identify their falsehoods and hidden purpose of their announcements, at the same time we should have the inner sense to read between lines and find out who is speaking truth and if he is really having interest on people. we are already lost many of our chances, its time to wake up. I strongly believe there are leaders in TN who really thinks of people and not interested in making money by scrapping the democracy. Its you who have to identify them and strengthen their arms to come up and lead us. When we fails to do that, again they are biased to get allies with one of the 2 major political parties that exists in TN and look for only survival.

I thank you if you guys could read untill this. I'm sorry if it is lengthy and makes less sense.. If u agree with me take this thought to your friends too.. thanks for ur time..


இந்த பதிவு பலருக்கு சென்றடைய விரும்பினால், தங்கள் வாக்கை பதிவுசெய்யுங்கள்.

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